What is “Mesologie”?
Mesologie is the regular alternative in health care and combines regular Western knowledge with knowledge from traditional medicine such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This combination provides a clear insight into the total physical functioning and results into a targeted diagnosis. Mesologie looks for the causes of complaints and the connection between causes. The self-healing power of the body is important and implemented in the therapy plan.

Mesologie is based on various research methods including: medical history, physical diagnosis, Electro Physiological Diagnostics (EFD) and pulse and tongue diagnosis from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. With the information from these examinations the mesoloog creates an overall picture of physical functioning. During the treatment different aspects of a person are being looked at, including body, psyche and mind. In the therapy plan natural supplements can be temporarily recommended, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, phytotherapy, Schüssler salts and / or homeopathy. Also, the therapy plan can contain dietary and lifestyle advices.

You can contact a mesoloog with almost all complaints, if they are not acute. A number of examples of possible complaints are: headache, migraine, fatigue, stomach and intestinal complaints, skin problems, joint complaints, stress, burn out, hormonal complaints, bladder and kidney problems, allergies, nutrition intolerance, but also with all sorts of unexplained complaints.

Mesologie is suitable for people of all ages; also for babies and children. The research methods are body-friendly and therefore suitable for all age groups. The mesoloog always makes an individual treatment plan, which is tailor-made and therefor always adjusted to age and stage of life.

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